Types Of Printing Papers

There are many types of printing paper in the market today. The common thing about them is that almost anything can be printed on them, while the existing difference is that they can be used for various types of printing or according to market needs or clients.

Different types of businesses will use paper types that are most suitable for their content. Commonly used print paper types listed below with a brief explanation of each of them.

the matte paper looks dull and rough. It is typically used in a business where the final printed document must be non-glare and non-glossy, which makes it look smooth style. It is available in different shapes and different sizes, and one can choose the most suitable type. Another type of matte paper including photo matte quality, double-sided, matte half, and premium classes.

glossy paper, as the name suggests, is glossy, it means that it is alive. As the colors look more vivid on a glossy surface on top of matte paper, glossy paper fits around. It can be used for printing multi-colored images, or to make any kind of text or designs for an elegant look. Therefore, when the image to be printed, glossy paper is the first choice for the majority of printing companies.

Iron-on transfers are used to print the images and objects on dark fabrics. Pictures can be printed using an opaque inkjet transfer paper, and then they can be transferred to the surface is required. Iron on transfer paper lasts for a long time and is widely used in printing presses.