What is a Cash Drawer and How to Use it?

A cash drawer is an electronic device utilized to calculate and set the sales transactions within a store. It features a cash drawer that’ll undoubtedly be used to save cash.

There are various sorts of cash drawer; however, they often have exactly the very same keys and functions. Listed below are the different steps of the functioning of this machine.

First, connect the machine to the nearest socket. Some machines have to be started using the main power button. The amount 0.00 is displayed within the display window. Then, set the time and date of reception and choose the printing choices. After that, you are prepared to start your very first transaction.

Press the characters suggesting the volume you want to encode such as for instance 14.95, and then press X, so the range of items sold, and then press Enter to find the full quantity.

After obtaining the total amount, input the total amount the purchaser pays you (if using cash), or press “charge” to pay by charge card.

If paying with cash, the drawer will open. You may then put the amount in and find the necessary change from invoices or coins inside the Shop.


In the procedure of the system, observe and follow strict procedures and precautions plainly stated in this manual. This includes safety rules, the programming of the section key, the fundamental setup and performance, and the programming of the purchase price of each item needs to be included in the system.

Additionally, it has the preparation and use of discounts, the product subtotal, enrollment fees and payments by check, registration of returned goods, the best way to make corrections from the records, and the daily earnings report.