Leave Your “Buts” Behind Great Customer Service

The customer support person used the one term which has a strong negative impact when dealing with clients. That is because but is an exclusive term. The usage of however negates everything which has been stated previously by the client.

It says to the client, “You ignored or ignored everything I just said and you’re going on with your schedule. You do not honor me, so that I will not respect your answer.”


Replace using but using this strong, positive word which is likely to make the consumer feel as though he’s really are a portion of the solution, put a grin on his face, and modify the disposition to the optimistic the term is and.

Recall, 90 percent of fulfilling the client is making the client feel as if you’re listening to them. The use of and says to the client I’m listening to your input signal.

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Since you can see it’s a more favorable result of the client’s feedback. Rather than the consumer being on the other side of your answer by making use of the term and you make a bridge to your client to cross to contemplate your solutions. The point is, your client is much more likely to quickly take your own solutions.

Therefore, if at all possible, listing yourself in a dialogue so that you can see where you’re using however. Subsequently work at substituting and instead of however. It might feel a little awkward in the beginning.

On the other hand, the further you use and the easier it will seem and you’ll notice instant results. Keep in mind, leave your buts supporting and you, also, will offer excellent customer services.